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Even the safest stock can be more volatile than most of fixed-income securities. Stocks can be very rewarding (in the long run, stock market is always rising.), however they can also take your breath away.

Stock price can rise and fall for many reasons or for no reason. Company's earning, government regulation, news, rumours, these are all the things will influence the up and down of the stock price.

So if you decide to enter the fascinating world of stocks, sit tight, and buckle up!

What's hot in the marketplace?

Everyone is talking about the uranium - Investing in uranium involves risk, but the world needs reliable and clean energy sources, and the nuclear industry is poised to enter a new era of growth. Uranium producers and explorers should be rewarded along the road, so does the smart investors who keep a close eye on them.

SXR Uranium One (SXR.TO)
UrAsia Energy (UUU.V)
Aurora Energy Resources (AXU.TO)
Forsys Metals (FSY.TO)
Tournigan Gold (TVC.V)
Ur-Energy (URE.TO)

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The Beauty of Dividend-paying Stocks

A dividend is a distribution of profit earned from company operations or investment activities that is paid to shareholders periodically (quarterly, semi-annually, or annually). Dividend can be paid in the form of cash or additional shares of stock. There are a number of reasons that an investor should pay attention to the dividend-paying stocks:

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