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If you have been successfully in accumlating some money to invest, congratulations! You've accomplished a feat that the majority of people in the world haven't yet done. If you've decide to move on to the next step - to invest your hard earned money for investment, what investment choice would you going to choose?


So many choices

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, bank interests and Canadian Savings Bonds were the only known investment choices for Canadians. However, the investment universe has exploded ever since. An ordinary Canadian investor is now facing a broad array of investment choices than ever before. We've all heard about or invested in the GICs, bonds, stocks, or mututal funds. How about income trusts, ETFs, options, and futures?

So many information


nvestors today have far more access to the information than they ever did before.

Basic rule for wealth accumulation

Do you know how much you will get if you invest just $1 a day for 40 years at 10% compound interest?
Yes, the longer you let your money compound the more dramatic the affect of compounding.
So the number one rule of wealth accoumulation is:
Start investing early and regularly.


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