2013 Top 10 Canadian DRIPs

Our annual TOP10 Canadian DRIP Companies is fresh out of oven.

FOM Top 10

Top 10 Canadian DRIP Companies -Year 2013

DRIP companies
Stock Symbol
Share price* 
Dividend yield*
Service charge
Adm. cost
OCP (or SPP)
Discounts on dividends reinvested
Download Plan Circular
1 Bank of Nova Scotia banking BNS $54.00 3.85% nil nil yes yes, 2%
2 National Bank banking NA $76.60 3.92% nil nil yes yes, 5%
3 Bank of Montreal banking BMO $59.99 4.67% nil nil yes no
4 TransAlta utilities TA $20.23 5.73% nil nil yes no
5 Telus Corporation telecom T $56.00 3.93% nil nil yes yes, 3%
6 RioCan REIT REIT REI.UN $26.25 5.26% nil nil yes yes, 3.1%
7 Fortis Inc. utilities FTS $33.28 3.49% nil nil yes yes, 2%
8 Nexen utilities NXY $17.80 1.12% nil nil yes no
9 ENB utilities ENB $36.62 2.68% nil nil yes yes, 2%
10 Manulife insurance MFC $12.65 4.11% nil nil yes up to 5%


How do we come up with the Top 10 Canadian DRIP companies?

The annual “Top 10 Canadian DRIP companies” is purely arbitrary, but also based on the cardinal investment rules: return, safety and risk.

Check back to our Top 10 list, choose your own DRIP candidates. If you have enough money to start with, buy all of the Top 10 DRIP companies. If not, choose the first 5 of them. You can start with as little as 5 or 10 shares for each company, and continue to add to your position by OCP/SPP over the time.



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